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Lawyer since the year 2001, initially affiliated with the Illustrious Bar Association of Cádiz and later with the Illustrious Bar Association of Málaga, I offer you all my legal knowledge and experience in the judicial and real estate fields throughout the Costa del Sol and Sotogrande. I possess extensive expertise in the legal areas necessary to successfully and confidently navigate the market for the buying and selling of all types of properties from Marbella to Sotogrande, including tax law for residents and non-residents, civil and construction law, and tenancy law. Simultaneously, throughout my career, I have maintained an active presence in judicial practice, participating in numerous legal proceedings in the Courts and Tribunals of the area. Thus, I am well-equipped to provide you with 23 years of experience and professionalism to address your legal issues, ensure a secure real estate investment, or even assist you in discovering highly profitable real estate investments in the region.



Bar Association Registration No. 6156 of I.C.A. Málaga.

Areas of expertise

Civil Law

Resolve disputes and enforce rights in civil matters. Understand your legal options in civil cases.

Succession Law

Regulate the transmission of property, rights, and obligations from a deceased person to their heirs or legatees.

Family Law

Family law deals with regulating the legal relationships among family members.

Business Law

Protect your business interests through legal measures. Get advice on legal aspects to start and manage a business.

Immigration Law

Comprehensive services to ensure smooth and lawful management of foreign individuals' entry, stay, residence, and departure in a country other than their own nationality.

Real Estate Law

Navigating the legality of real estate transactions: Understanding your rights and obligations in real estate matters.

Tax Law

Tax Regulatory Compliance: Tips and Strategies Navigating the Complexities of Tax Law for Businesses and Individuals.

Criminal Law

Our services encompass the consideration of criminal behaviors, meticulously establishing legal consequences for individuals who breach criminal norms.

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Francisco Uceda
Francisco Uceda
Berenguer LawFirm. Realmente un despacho de abogados totalmente recomendable. Resalta su trato profesional, cercano y humano. Su esfuerzo por ayudar a sus clientes, supera las expectativas que cualquier persona puede imaginar. Resolutivos, eficientes y en MAYÚSCULAS. PROFESIONALES CON MUCHOS AÑOS DE EXPERIENCIA. Que te ayudarán en cualquier caso. Realmente un despacho fuera de lo común.
maricarmen Mm
maricarmen Mm
Gran abogado,gran profesional y profesionalidad como gran persona. Gracias por todo
Jorge Uceda
Jorge Uceda
Gran Abogado, Gran persona, es el abogado de la Familia, siempre nos resuelve los problemas,da igual que problemas tengamos,penal,fiscal, laboral, inmobiliario, ...el siempre te asesora,te informa,te aconseja y te resuelve.
Arne Øydegard
Arne Øydegard
Har kjent Sergio i 20 år og anbefaler han på det sterkeste. Kunnskap om alt👍🇪🇸🇳🇴 Ved huskjøp, leilighet, bil skade osv. Rask og meget flink, enkel å ha med å gjøre 🇪🇸👍⚘
Aga Lomnicka
Aga Lomnicka
Excellent service! Sergio has been working for us for as long as we have been living in Spain. He guided us through several house buys and sells as well as rental contract and other legal issues. We literary could not have done it without his help. He is efficient, polite, professional and speaks perfect English.
Jose Mª Ordoñez
Jose Mª Ordoñez
Despacho serio y muy profesional , he podido solucionar satisfactoriamente todas mis dudas legales y fiscales.
tavvy rodriguez
tavvy rodriguez
We have used Sergio Diaz for several things over the last 15 years and his very good knowledge in several fields and fluent English means it’s very easy to work him. We also found he is very well connected and uses his network to make things move a little smoother than they normally would. Highly recommended for anybody who is looking for very straight and concise legal advice.
Jonty Lewis
Jonty Lewis
Thank you so much Sergio for all your help and advise on everything from my property purchases to wills and paperwork - a great personal service. I am highly recommend you to all my clients, friends and family!