Tax Law

Maximizing your Tax Benefits: Expert guidance for Individuals and Businesses

This law firm, along with Sergio Díaz Berenguer, embarked on its professional journey by offering a tailored advisory service in Spanish and international taxation to both domestic and foreign companies, and in specific cases, to individuals.

In this field, it is crucial to devise individualized tax planning for every person or company. This is the cornerstone of our tax advisory service – it defines our approach, recommendations, and our preparedness to assist. Our expertise covers specific advisement about indirect taxes such as transmission tax, VAT, gift tax, inheritance tax, as well as direct taxes like income taxes, wealth tax, and more.

Finally, our seasoned team excels in local taxes, fees for the private use of public property, and service charges. With two decades of experience in the region, we stand apart from larger law firms. We are well-versed in local rules and regulations, making a significant difference in local taxation matters.

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