About Berenguer

We are a law firm that has been providing legal services for more than 20 years from Sotogrande to Marbella.

For both natural person and companies, residents and non-residents, with a high knowledge of the English language. We are used to deal with the public administrations and the Courts in the area. We provide our services from Malaga city to Algeciras, with special relevant presence in Marbella and in Sotogrande.

Despite our big experience, we are a law firm that looks to the future and faces to new technologies aged and makes are very used, as it cannot be otherwise, to the new technology resources at our disposal.


Welcome to our office. At the core of our philosophy is the prioritization of our clients, fostering a direct and personal relationship between them and their dedicated legal advisor.

While acknowledging the transformative impact of new technologies on the legal industry, we steadfastly maintain that personalized service is irreplaceable. We integrate the latest technologies with our extensive experience to deliver a distinctive and tailored service to each individual.

Our commitment is unwavering, we believe in being there for our clients at every step, dedicated to swiftly and effectively resolving their legal challenges. Let us guide and support you through your legal matters, offering unparalleled service and expertise.

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